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Plotting ListDensityPlot with Custom Color Scheme

Dear All,

I'm trying to plot out a color map of a matrix with a custom color  
scheme, and add a legend to it.

The maximum value in the matrix is approximately 1.7, and the lowest  
value is -2.7. Most of the values lie in the range -0.5 to +0.5.

When Mathematica 6.0 produces a ListDensityPlot of this matrix, it  
color codes most of the plot, but it leaves large areas with  
"overflow" colors - some of the plot is displayed as white, not on the  
color map.

I'd like to be able to rescale the color function so that it spans the  
range -2.7 to 1.7, and produce a legend for the plot that accurately  
reflects this.

Thanks! and all the best,


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