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Re: Plotting ListDensityPlot with Custom Color Scheme

On 9/12/08 at 5:27 AM, buzb at (Buz Barstow) wrote:

>I'm trying to plot out a color map of a matrix with a custom color
>scheme, and add a legend to it.

>The maximum value in the matrix is approximately 1.7, and the lowest
>value is -2.7. Most of the values lie in the range -0.5 to +0.5.

>When Mathematica 6.0 produces a ListDensityPlot of this matrix, it
>color codes most of the plot, but it leaves large areas with
>"overflow" colors - some of the plot is displayed as white, not on
>the color map.

>I'd like to be able to rescale the color function so that it spans
>the range -2.7 to 1.7, and produce a legend for the plot that
>accurately reflects this.

So, use the built-in function Rescale. For example,


will eliminate the white areas. But note, this choice maps both
minimum and maximum values to the same color. So, it is probably
not one you want. Better might be


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