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Re: Get Graphics Coordinates accuracy


p = {20272.5, 0.5};

Plot[Sin[2 x], {x, 20270, 20275},
  Epilog -> {Dynamic[Locator[Dynamic[p]]]}]




John Jowett wrote:
> I came across a limitation in the mechanism for copying coordinates of
> points in 2D graphics (the Get Coordinates button in the Drawing Tools
> palette) in V6.03.
> Consider the following plot of a sine wave
> Plot[Sin[2 x], {x, 20270, 20275}]
> When I try to select and paste the coordinates of the two crests of
> the wave, I typically get two points with the same x-coordinate
> {{2.027*^4, 0.99}, {2.027*^4, 0.99}}
> whereas I would expect the two x-coordinates to be around
> 20270.3 and 20273.5, values which are well separated on the plot.
> This seems to happen because the Get Coordinates function only returns
> the first 4 digits of the coordinates.
> Does anyone know of a way to fix this ?  Obviously, in this
> demonstration example, I could change variables to x1=x-20270 but in
> the more complicated problem I am working on, this is not so easy.
> John Jowett

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