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Re: Debracketing array symbols

si tu veux
<carlos at> a écrit dans le message de news: 
gavqna$eon$1 at
> Hi,
> For a class project I generate 1D and 2D arrays of arbitrary size with
> entries <letters>[i] and <letters>[i,j] that I need then to convert
> to <letter>i and <letter>ij for export to other languages that do not
> allow brackets in symbol names. E.g.
> 1D:  {A[1],A[2],A[3],A[4]} -> {A1,A2,A3,A4}
> 2D:  {{W[1,1],W[1,2]},{W[2,1],W[2,2]}}  -> {{W11,W12},{W21,W22}}
> Question: would this be the simplest way to do it?
> DebracketArrayEntries[Wm_]:=Module[{dim,rep,i,j,n,m,s,Wr},
>    rep={"["->"","]"->"",","->""," "->""}; Wr=Wm;
>    dim=Length[Dimensions[Wm]];
>    If [dim==1,n=Length[Wm]; Print["n=",n];
>        For [i=1,i<=n,i++, s=ToString[Wm[[i]]];
>             Wr=Wr/.Wm[[i]]->Symbol[StringReplace[s,rep]] ]];
>    If [dim==2,{n,m}=Dimensions[Wm];
>        For [i=1,i<=n,i++, For[j=1,j<=m,j++, s=ToString[Wm[[i,j]]];
>             Wr=Wr/.Wm[[i,j]]->Symbol[StringReplace[s,rep]] ]]];
>    Return[Wr]];
> The procedural style is to simplify conversion to C++.

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