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Re: StringJoin with ToString

replicatorzed at wrote:

> If I use a different name (e.g. ExtendedStringJoin, as it was
> suggested), I loose the effective shorthand version (<>), as it would
> still use the original function. Is there a way to overwrite at least
> the definitions of the infix operator?

You can't overwrite it (as far as I know), and in some ways that would 
be as bad as redefining the actual function, but you can co-opt an 
unused operator:

In[1]:= SetAttributes[CirclePlus, Flat];
SetAttributes[CirclePlus, OneIdentity];

In[3]:= CirclePlus[x___] := f[x]

In[4]:= a\[CirclePlus]b\[CirclePlus]c\[CirclePlus]d

Out[4]= f[a, b, c, d]

David Bailey

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