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Re: How to build a Tag Cloud Graph?

LectorZ wrote:
> Dear experts,
> Let say, I have a simple list of sales numbers in different products.
> The first element of the sublist is a product, the second is a product
> group and the 3rd is the turnover. Like this one:
> sales={{Beef,Meat, 2343},{Milk,Drink, 234}, {Water,Drink, 234}, {Beer,
> Drink, 1546}, {Coke, Drink, 1223}, {Pork, Meat, 1223}}
> How to construct a Tag Cloud Plot in the way as it defined in
> wikipedia:
> "...Tags are usually single words and are typically listed
> alphabetically, and the importance of a tag is shown with font size or
> color..."
> For full details see:
> It should be a frame with words in alphabetical order with different
> font color for different product group.
> Condition:
> For displaying products with huge and very small numbers a maximum and
> minimum font size should apply.
> Many thanks!
> Plotty
Something like this?

color[___] = Black;
color[Drink] = Blue;
color[Meat] = Pink;
maxfont = 100;
minfont = 10;
     Style[#1, "FontFamily" -> "Helvetica",
      "FontSize" -> Max[maxfont*#3/Max[sales[[All, 3]]], minfont],
      "FontColor" -> color[#2]
     ] &,
   SortBy[sales, First],

of course you might want to use something smarter for the font sizes,
but that would need more information about what you want to read from
that tag cloud...


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