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Re: MaxIterations for FindRoot called by NDSolve

Hi david,

here is an example:

FindRoot[x^100, {x, 1}, MaxIterations -> 1000]


David Goluskin wrote:

> Hi,


> When running NDSolve, I get this error message:


> FindRoot::cvmit: Failed to converge to the requested accuracy or precision

> within 100 iterations.


> I wish to change MaxIterations, and I am calling this line before NDSolve,


> SetOptions[FindRoot, MaxIterations -> \[Infinity]];


> But, the options is not applying to FindRoot when it is called by NDSolve, I

> get the same error message.  How can I change MaxIterations for FindRoot

> when called my NDSolve?


> Thank you,


> David



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