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3D plots and using mouse click-drag to rotate - why the extra

When you create a 3D plot and then use the mouse to click-drag to
rotate the surface to view it from another angle, there is always an
extra translation thrown in by Mathematica as soon as you let the
mouse button go after this click-drag. However, if you do an Option-
click to zoom in or out and then let go there is no extra translation,
and thereafter if you click-drag as before there is no extra
translation after letting go of the mouse button. Is this extra
translation at the end something that you can prevent without having
to resort to the Option-click/zoom step?? I am on a Mac with version
7.0.1 (I think this has occured for a long time, but can't verify it
right now). So for example if you try something like:

Plot3D[Sin[x y] + 10, {x, -3, 3}, {y, -3, 3},
 AxesOrigin -> {0, 0, 10}, Boxed -> False,
 PlotRange -> {Automatic, Automatic, {0, 20}}]

and then click-drag to rotate to look at the bottom and let go there
is an extra little jump that the surface goes thru when you let the
mouse button go. Then do an Option-click and zoom in and out to still
maintain the entire surface in view and let go and no extra jump
either. Now do a click-drag again and let go and no extra little
translation any more (until you re-execute the cell again).



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