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Re: Looking for more Mathematica online user groups/forums

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  • Subject: [mg98922] Re: Looking for more Mathematica online user groups/forums
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  • Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 05:09:00 -0400 (EDT)
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On Apr 21, 5:08 am, "Dr. David Kirkby" <david.kir... at>
> meitnik wrote:
> > WRI,
> > Since Home edition offers me only 30 days tech support and I am not a
> > student around other Mathematica using students on a campus. And
> > buying expensive books does only cover so much (And many are outdated
> > or does not cover areas outside of math like the Frontend), where on
> > the internet do I find help thats more real time? This group has been
> > very helpful, but I want more rapid turn around time, and someone to
> > teach why some code is good and mine is bad so I learn from mistakes .
> > And a big thanks for the few who has taught me well. :-)
> > I do find it strange there is not a more active WRI collection of
> > people part of a tech support forum somewhere. A whiteboard version of
> > the FE to aid in support could be a good direction. Collaborative
> > editing FE in real time somehow? How about a Home Ed users forum on
> > WRI site??
> > Or perhaps allow Home Edition users email support; if it is so, be
> > clear it is so and how long the turn around time for a reply. Or
> > encourage local universities to create local Mathematica support
> > groups.
> > Mathematics is a social activity as much as any other creative one;
> > helping each other is a great way to enjoy learning.
> > Andrew, seeking some shoulders to stand on ;-)
> The newsgroup sci.math.symbolic does not have the expertise of
> comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica, but there are many people (some WRI
> employees) who know Mathematica and will respond to requests there.
> You might get a certain professor moaning about Mathematica questions
> there, but people tend to ignore him.
> Sometimes there is spam there which seems to go in bursts, then stops
> for a while.
> Within a 30 day period, I somewhat doubt you will be needing too many
> difficult questions answered, so sci.math.symbolic might be a useful
> complimentary group.
> Be aware, if you multi-post (copy your message to both sci.math.symbolic
> and comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica at the exact same time, so there are
> two newsgroups in the 'To:' field) the message  will NOT appear on
> sci.math.symbolic until Steve has approved it. I've never understood the
> logic of that!! Since the newsgroup sci.math.symbolic is unmoderated,
> why should a message copied to both have to wait for approval? If you
> want to send to both newsgroups, do it to one, then do it to the second.
> [My approval has nothing to do with sci.math.symbolic.  If a message
>  does not appear there, it has nothing to do with me - Steve C.]- Hide =
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I wonder if there are any plans for Wolfram Alpha to be able to accept
a non-trivial textural/mathematical description of a sub-problem, then
"think" about it and finally return a solution in the form of
Mathematica code ? Version 2.0 would return optimized Mathematica
code. This may seem ambitious but isn't that what the folks at Wolfram
do ?

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