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Re: Abbreviation of File Names in File Menu

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  • Subject: [mg98807] Re: Abbreviation of File Names in File Menu
  • From: Hugh Goyder <h.g.d.goyder at>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 01:29:00 -0400 (EDT)
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On Apr 19, 9:52 am, Bob F <deepyog... at> wrote:
> On Apr 18, 1:39 am, Hugh Goyder <h.g.d.goy... at> wrote:
> > In the drop down File Menu the penultimate block is a list of recently
> > used notebooks; 30 in my case because I have used the options
> > inspector to change NotebooksMenuHistoryLength.  I like long notebook
> > names because it helps me to distinguish changes I have made. In
> > Version 7 these names are now given in an abbreviated form with the
> > first few characters, three dots (an ellipsis) and the last few
> > characters. This means that I can't reap the benefit of long file
> > names because the middle of the name is missing. I have plenty of
> > width across the screen so abbreviating is no help.
> > Is it possible to prevent the file names being abbreviated.?
> > Thanks
> > Hugh Goyder
> I tried this on my Mac with version 7 and with a really long file name
> it didn't get abbreviated in the recent files list. What platform are
> you on (Windows, Linux, or ???). How long of filenames are you dealing
> with?
> -Bob

Thank you for your replies

I am using Windows.
Below are some examples of abbreviations. The abbreviated version
first then the full version (spelling mistakes are mine). There are
obviously some interesting heuristics on how the ellipsis is inserted.

Example ham ... lysis v1.nb         Example hammer analysis v1.nb
f1234567890...34567890.nb          f123456789012345678901234567890.nb
Pressure wav...f PSV v1.nb           Pressure waves set up by opeing
of PSV v1.nb
Further ram...lysis v1.nb               Further ram release analysis
Abbrivated...amples .nb                Abbrivated files names
examples .nb

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