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Re: Any way to make help browser remember the last position?

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  • Subject: [mg98898] Re: Any way to make help browser remember the last position?
  • From: Bob F <deepyogurt at>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 05:09:29 -0400 (EDT)
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On Apr 20, 5:13 pm, sean_inc... at wrote:
> Ok.
> So following seems to work ok... Ian wrote me to my email but not to
> the mathgroup, so I decided to share it.
> -----
> In V7.0
> 1.)  Open the Options Inspector dialog
> 2.)  Set the scope to Global
> 3.)  In the tree, go to Global Options > Dialog Settings > Help Viewer
> Settings
> 4.)  Set the Enabled option to True
> Ian
> ------
> Now the problem is when you minimize the help window and press F1 to
> look up a function, what happens is that instead of restoring the
> 'size' it will go to the upper right position but stay in minimized
> size.
> What is the fix for that?

I tried this (set Enabled to True) and nothing happened on my Mac. The
DC window still came up in the middle of the screen at the same size
it always did. I moved the DC to where I wanted and sized it to what I
wanted and then exited. Started up again and still the same centered
position and still the same default size.

So I tried setting the WindowSize and WindowMargins parameters (in the
same GlobalOptions/DialogSettings/HelpViewerSettings section) to what
the OptionInspector told me they were for the DC window when I got it
into a size and position I liked (along with the Enabled to True) and
then the DC window did come up where I last left it, but only when
manually clicking the Help/DocumentationCenter menu option, so it
doesn't bring up the DC window when first starting Mathematica. Trying
to use the AutoOpenNotebooks in addition to these HelpViewerSettings
parameters did bring up the DC window when starting up, but in the
same centered position and the same default size, and when I clicked
on the DC menu item another DC window came up at the saved position
and size as before - so apparently the AutoOpenNotebooks doesn't pay
any attention to the HelpViewerSettings paramaters.

So is there a way to have both an automatically started DC window and
have it at the size and position you want every time Mathematica
starts up??

Is the F1 key specific to Windows version of Mathematica? Trying F1 or
Shift-F1 on my Mac laptop does nothing to Mathematica (think that the
equivalent Mac key is the Help key on an expanded large style
keyboard, so not sure what the equivalent command is on a laptop
keyboard without the extra keypads on the right), so can't figure out
what Sean is talking about in the last paragraph.


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