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Re: Mathematica crashed -- where did my notebook go?

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  • Subject: [mg99209] Re: Mathematica crashed -- where did my notebook go?
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  • Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 06:42:51 -0400 (EDT)
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It seems like v7 crashes a lot more than pervious versions--specially
on windows vista. I have both 32 and 64 bit vista running same version
of the mathematica. And it just craps out and unlike the previous
versions, mathematica (or windows not sure which is the culprit behind
this behavior) doesn't allow me to save the frontend--which is
supposed to take precedence over kernel. Is that still true?

Also Mathematica used to have a cache directory where crashed files
can be salvaged, but now it seems like the file after crash isn't
saved there. Anyone know how to set it so that a copy is saved to
cached directory after a crash?

Another question about autosaving.

After I set the autosave "true"  I noticed that Mathematica keep
making defualt sound everytime an expression is evaluated.

It starting to get quite annoying, so.. Is there a way to turn that
sound off but keep the autosave feature?

On Apr 28, 1:46 am, "Sjoerd C. de Vries" <sjoerd.c.devr... at>
> Bob,
> I feel your pain. Perhaps NotebookAutoSave partly meets your
> requirements. It lets your notebook save after each evaluation.
> Cheers -- Sjoerd
>  On Apr 27, 7:14 am, Bob F <deepyog... at> wrote:
> > Mathematica just crashed on me in the middle of writing a program, and
> > of course everything I had done is gone. Is there any temporary file
> > or anything still left on the disk that contains anything of what I
> > was working on at the time of the crash? I tried to do a bit of
> > investigating, but could not see any open files that exist while
> > working on a new notebook, so where does Mathematica put everything I
> > type into a notebook until I save it?
> > If it doesn't write anything to a file - why not? My gosh, this
> > happens often enough to people all over the world, that I would think
> > that Wolfram would have some sort of recovery mechanism built in, but
> > I haven't found anything so far. How many times have customers asked
> > for something like this? How many people think the same thing when
> > this happens? My guess is a quite a few.
> > So Wolfram -- add this to your list of things to put in the next
> > version -- your customers would truly appreciate not having to
> > recreate that program they had been working on for a couple of hours
> > when the crash occurred and they very quickly tell themselves -- Oh
> > Anything would be better than nothing -- why not use the disk to write
> > the new notebook contents to while it's being developed. Yes I should
> > have known that a crash was imminent, but my crystal ball is in the
> > shop getting a new LED display installed ;-)
> > If this has happened to you and you wished that Wolfram had some sort
> > of recovery mechanism, please add your 2 cents to this post and let
> > Wolfram know how important, we the customers, think this is (or
> > isn't).
> > -Bob
> > ps -- this was on a Mac OS X 10.5.6 system with Mathematica version
> > 7.0.1 if it matters

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