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Re: The audience for Mathematica (Was: Show doesn't

DrMajorBob wrote:
> Helen Read <hpr at> wrote:
>> DrMajorBob wrote:
>>> Brilliant, Helen!
>>> This wasn't so easy the first semester you tried, I assume?
>> I've been teaching this way with Mathematics for so long that it has
>> become second nature, but yeah, I'm sure I have gotten a lot better at
>> it over the years.
> I'm not talking about getting BETTER at it. I'm talking about how  
> DIFFICULT this must have been, the first time. Every class is beastly  
> difficult the first time or two, IMHO.

I don't remember it being particularly difficult when I started teaching 
with Mathematica, but I added it in gradually. I didn't use it nearly to 
the degree that I do now when I first started with it.

> Perhaps you had been teaching calculus for some time already, before you  
> added in Mathematica?

I had been teaching for about 8 years when I started adding in Mathematica.

Helen Read
University of VERmont

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