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Re: Noob Question re Setting Default Fonts

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  • Subject: [mg102300] Re: [mg102269] Noob Question re Setting Default Fonts
  • From: "David Park" <djmpark at>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 04:30:18 -0400 (EDT)
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1) Lookup Stylesheets in the Documentation Center for general guidance.

2) Evaluate $UserBaseDirectory in a notebook to find your private
Mathematica folders. Go to SystemFiles, FrontEnd, StyleSheets. There may or
may not be anything there but, in any case, this is where your new
StyleSheet notebook will eventually be placed by the Mathematica system.

3) Start Mathematica and look at the new Untitled notebook. If you check
Menu/Format/Stylesheet you should see that Default is checked. That is the
current Stylesheet the notebook is using. 

4) Use Menu/Edit Stylesheet. This will bring up a "Style Definitions for
Untitled-n" notebook. With this you can change the styles for the notebook,
if you only want it for a particular notebook, or install the stylesheet so
it could be used for all your style sheets.

5) Type an Input cell into the Untitled notebook, say Sin[3 x], and return
to the Definitions notebook.

6) Suppose you want to change the Input font and font size. On the "Choose a
style" drop down menu choose Input. This creates a cell in the style sheet
notebook. Select it, by the bracket on the right, and then use Menu/Format
to pick a new font size, say 14. When you click it you will see the
Definition style change and also the Input statement in the Untitled

7) In the Definition notebook use Shift-Ctrl-E to toggle to the underlying
Mathematica expression. You will see that "FontSize->14" has been added to
the definition. Editing that expression is a alternative, and somewhat more
general method for changing a cell style.

8) As far as I can tell it is not possible to change the font family for
Input and Output cells. It changes in the Definitions, but not in the
notebook. Mathematica does a lot of syntax coloring on Input statements and
Output statements can become Input statements and that may have something to
do with it. (Maybe someone will correct me on that.) But you can change the
font family with Text cells.

9) A particularly useful change is the following: Put a Section Heading
before your cells in the Untitled notebook. Choose Section in the
Definitions drop down. Use Shift-Ctrl-E on the resulting cell and add
", ShowGroupOpener->True". 

10) To save your new style sheet click the Install Stylesheet button. Give
it a name, say TestStyleSheet, and Finish. Look in the file folder I
mentioned in (2). The style sheet should be there. Look in
Menu/Format/Stylesheet. It should also be listed there.

(11) Close Mathematica and restart. You will be in a Default style sheet.
Type a heading and some Input/Output and a Text cell. Then use
Menu/Format/Stylesheet/TestStyleSheet and you will be using your new style

David Park
djmpark at  

From: Andrew J Fortune [mailto:andrewfortune at] 

Hi all,

I am a new Mathematica user. I don't like some of the default fonts, in 
particular Input, Output and Text. I have been trying, without success, 
to work out how to change the default settings.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks and regards,
Andrew J Fortune,

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