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Re: Re: publicon

Hi Roger,

Please see my responses below.

On Aug 3, 2009, at 4:46 AM, divisor wrote:

> Hello Larry & MathGroup:
> Does using Publicon obviate the need for LyX completely?

Yes, if you are only trying to produce LaTeX formats that are  
supported by Publicon. However, Publicon is neither a TeX editor nor  
viewer. TeX is merely a document export format, and you may, at some  
point, need to edit the TeX output directly for publication (to  
finesse page breaks for example).
> Can you say if Publicon will be subsumed under/inside TeXForm[]?

No, TeXForm[] is used primarily for converting mathematical  
expressions one-by-one. If you want to export an entire document, you  
must use LaTeX export.
> What does Publicon do with active elements (e.g. Manipulate[], Dynamic
> [],

Publicon is currently incompatible with these new active elements,  
they would have to be converted to static objects or graphics.


> I did some testing with TeXFom[] and I found it cannot "eat"  
> Graphics3D
> [], let alone Dynamic[]. But it does process even amazingly
> complicated formulas very nicely!
> Regards..
> Roger Williams
> Franklin Laboratory
> On Jun 30, 3:34 am, Larry Adelston <lar... at> wrote:
>> On Jun 27, 2009, at 5:01 AM, at wrote:
>>> I just finished writing an article using LyX to have - as a final
>>> product - a LaTeX file to submit.
>>> Although I rather like LyX (, since I use
>>> Mathematica so much I was interested in seeing how well it  
>>> performs in
>>> LaTeX production.
>>>> From what I read in this group I see that I would need to buy
>>> Publicon, but I have a couple of caveats - hope you can help me:
>>> 1) from an old post, mathematica people recently stated (February
>>> 2008, post by Steve Luttrell ) that:
>>> "...we're still working on publicon. We all got sidetracked trying
>>> to finish
>>> M6, but now we're starting up again. We are actively coding a 1.1
>>> release,
>>> and after that we will be integrating it into Mathematica as a
>>> paclet to
>>> exploit v6 features, and also as a stand-alone app, Publicon v2."
>>> any fresher news?
>> We are continuing to support Publicon, and parts of it are currently
>> being developed as native functionality in Mathematica. We may also
>> continue to offer an updated standalone version based on Mathematica
>> Player.
>>> 2) most important, plain LaTeX export is useless without support for
>>> document classes. Does Publicon supports them? I'm mostly looking  
>>> for
>>> RevTex4, and IEEEtran. Moreover, it would be useless without the
>>> possibility to add new classes on the fly: often conferences ask you
>>> to download their class package...
>> Publicon already supports export to RevTeX. And we are in the process
>> of expanding Publicon's, as well as Mathematica's, LaTeX export and
>> import capabilities.
>> Your,
>> Larry
>>> thank you for any help...
>>> alessandro
>> __________________________________
>> Larry Adelston
>> Print Production Supervisor
>> Wolfram Research Inc.
>> email: lar... at
>> phone: 217-398-0700, ext.: 3204
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Larry Adelston
Print Production Supervisor
Wolfram Research Inc.
email: larrya at
phone: 217-398-0700, ext.: 3204
fax: 217-398-0747

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