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Re: Noob Question re Setting Default Fonts

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  • Subject: [mg102287] Re: [mg102269] Noob Question re Setting Default Fonts
  • From: Andrew J Fortune <andrewfortune at>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 04:27:45 -0400 (EDT)
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Hi again David,

This mainly worked. What didn't work was that I didn't get a new entry 
in Menu/Format/Stylesheet.
Also, it would be good if you could change the font family for Input and 
Output cells, because that is mainly what I want to change.


David Park wrote:
> 1) Lookup Stylesheets in the Documentation Center for general guidance.
> 2) Evaluate $UserBaseDirectory in a notebook to find your private
> Mathematica folders. Go to SystemFiles, FrontEnd, StyleSheets. There may or
> may not be anything there but, in any case, this is where your new
> StyleSheet notebook will eventually be placed by the Mathematica system.
> 3) Start Mathematica and look at the new Untitled notebook. If you check
> Menu/Format/Stylesheet you should see that Default is checked. That is the
> current Stylesheet the notebook is using. 
> 4) Use Menu/Edit Stylesheet. This will bring up a "Style Definitions for
> Untitled-n" notebook. With this you can change the styles for the notebook,
> if you only want it for a particular notebook, or install the stylesheet so
> it could be used for all your style sheets.
> 5) Type an Input cell into the Untitled notebook, say Sin[3 x], and return
> to the Definitions notebook.
> 6) Suppose you want to change the Input font and font size. On the "Choose a
> style" drop down menu choose Input. This creates a cell in the style sheet
> notebook. Select it, by the bracket on the right, and then use Menu/Format
> to pick a new font size, say 14. When you click it you will see the
> Definition style change and also the Input statement in the Untitled
> notebook.
> 7) In the Definition notebook use Shift-Ctrl-E to toggle to the underlying
> Mathematica expression. You will see that "FontSize->14" has been added to
> the definition. Editing that expression is a alternative, and somewhat more
> general method for changing a cell style.
> 8) As far as I can tell it is not possible to change the font family for
> Input and Output cells. It changes in the Definitions, but not in the
> notebook. Mathematica does a lot of syntax coloring on Input statements and
> Output statements can become Input statements and that may have something to
> do with it. (Maybe someone will correct me on that.) But you can change the
> font family with Text cells.
> 9) A particularly useful change is the following: Put a Section Heading
> before your cells in the Untitled notebook. Choose Section in the
> Definitions drop down. Use Shift-Ctrl-E on the resulting cell and add
> ", ShowGroupOpener->True". 
> 10) To save your new style sheet click the Install Stylesheet button. Give
> it a name, say TestStyleSheet, and Finish. Look in the file folder I
> mentioned in (2). The style sheet should be there. Look in
> Menu/Format/Stylesheet. It should also be listed there.
> (11) Close Mathematica and restart. You will be in a Default style sheet.
> Type a heading and some Input/Output and a Text cell. Then use
> Menu/Format/Stylesheet/TestStyleSheet and you will be using your new style
> sheet.
> David Park
> djmpark at
> From: Andrew J Fortune [mailto:andrewfortune at] 
> Hi all,
> I am a new Mathematica user. I don't like some of the default fonts, in 
> particular Input, Output and Text. I have been trying, without success, 
> to work out how to change the default settings.
> Any help appreciated.
> Thanks and regards,
> Andrew J Fortune,
> Melbourne,
> Australia
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