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Re: Re: Re: video on Presentations by Williams

Thanks. I was able to download and access the first QT (73.7 MByte,  
using the Techsmith Screen Capture, Integer (Little Endian)) version.  
However, I have both Flip4mac and the Perian toolkit of codecs that  
extend Quicktime on my mac.

I have never heard of the Techsmith codec before. The other two files  
have codecs I do recognize, but not the "integer" or "Little Endian"  

The file size is directly related to the bitrate, which is not  

The upshot is this: I am a poor tester for video compatibility on  
'stock' macs because I have extra (free) codecs that others may not,


video is still a quagmire. I make my videos with straight H.264  
encoding (and AAC for audio), and that seems to work more universally,  
plus I have control over bitrate, etc. at the time I do the encoding.  
For videos like this, I use the same tools that David Reiss does (on  
macs), and there have been no problems with my windows-using friends.


On Aug 10, 2009, at 4:16 AM, Indivisible wrote:

> Hello MathGroup:
> Based on guidance and QA testing by David Reiss, I have higher  
> confidence t=
> hat one of the following 2 links will work for the Mac. Note that  
> all previ=
> ous links posted are still valid. These links below have been  
> encoded with =
> codecs that (I hope) are supported by your Mac equipment.
> QT3 - exported using H.264
> QT4 - exported using Sorenson Video 3
> My apologies about the confusion on this.
> Regards..RogerW
> --- On Sun, 8/9/09, Frank Scherbaum <fscherbaum at> wrote:
> From: Frank Scherbaum <fscherbaum at>
> Subject: [mg102473] Re: [mg102427] Re: video on Presentations by  
> Williams and Park
> To: "divisor" <congruentialuminaire at>
> Cc: mathgroup at
> Date: Sunday, August 9, 2009, 3:54 AM
> Hi Roger,
> I get only the sound, but the movie on my Mac.
> Cheers,
> Frank
> Am Aug 9, 2009 um 12:04 PM schrieb divisor:
>> Hello MathGroup:
>> A QuickTime version of the original video is stored here:
> 4-0df6-48b4-86fb-54a6310d664e
>> Regards..
>> Roger Williams
>> Fanklin Laboratory
>> On Aug 8, 1:38 am, divisor <congruentialumina... at> wrote:
>>> There are several people who have Macs. I will store a QuickTime out
>>> there before Monday.
>>> Regards..
>>> Roger Williams
>>> Fanklin Laboratory
>>> On Aug 7, 2:30 am, divisor <congruentialumina... at> wrote:
>>> <snipped/>

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