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Re: Sticky scaling? (for printing)

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  • Subject: [mg102518] Re: [mg102492] Sticky scaling? (for printing)
  • From: Murray Eisenberg <murray at>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 04:34:01 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Mathematics & Statistics, Univ. of Mass./Amherst
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First, I do not find any such printing magnification setting in File >> 
Printing Settings >> Page Setup >> ....  Perhaps this is 
platform-dependent (or device-dependent?); I'm working under Windows XP 
and printing to an HP LaserJet.

The closest thing I could find in that Page Setup dialog is Printer >> 
Properties >> Effects >> Resizing Options, where I could set, e.g., 200% 
of actual size.  The result is that the entire printed page does get 
magnified 200%, but this just cuts off the right-hand and bottom that no 
longer fit on the page.  I don't think that's what you wanted, is it?

Second, in the Option Inspector (Format >> Option Inspector), Show 
option values: Selected Notebook, under Notebook Options > Printing 
Options > Printing Options, I find a Magnification option with default 
value 1.  But if I change it, say, to 2, and click Apply, still the 
notebook prints with the same size as normally, and this is so even 
before I try to save and reopen the notebook.  This suggests that this 
setting is platform-dependent or device-dependent.

AES wrote:
> Possible to set the default value for the Printing magnification for a 
> given notebook so that this value will be 'sticky' and remain set for 
> that particular notebook even after you close the notebook and/or quite 
> Mathematica?
> [By "Printing magnification"  I mean the value of whatever parameter it 
> is that will function the same as does the "Scale: " value that you can 
> set using the File >> Printing Settings >> Page Setup dialog box -- that 
> is, magnify the size of type and graphics appearing on the printed 
> pages, while keeping the page size the same, so that line breaks and 
> page breaks are recalculated and come earlier than if you hadn't done 
> this.
> If you magnify the printed output using this menu command, (a) it 
> doesn't stick to the document, and (b) it affects the printing of all 
> other notebooks also, which may not be what you want.]

Murray Eisenberg                     murray at
Mathematics & Statistics Dept.
Lederle Graduate Research Tower      phone 413 549-1020 (H)
University of Massachusetts                413 545-2859 (W)
710 North Pleasant Street            fax   413 545-1801
Amherst, MA 01003-9305

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