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Re: Dynamically create array and display data graphically

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  • Subject: [mg102517] Re: [mg102497] Dynamically create array and display data graphically
  • From: Ariel Sepúlveda <sepulveda.cuevas at>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 04:33:49 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Tuhina,

This is not a technical answer to your question but may be an answer to your
problem manipulating and analyzing labeled data in Mathematica. 

A data viewer that may help you with the capabilities you need is available
as a user function of BEST Viewpoints 7.  In this link
( you will
find information on the function SpreadsheetViewMXL which allows viewing,
editing, printing, saving, sorting and other useful options for labeled data
(simply rectangular datasets).  This viewer accepts any type of data in its
cells: numbers, strings, graphics, and lists among other. 

Additionally, importing data from spreadsheets and databases is automated in
BEST Viewpoints
(  With
this program you can create data queries and make date-list-plots by just
selecting the headers of the variables in question.  Besides, grouping data
by categorical fields get a lot of attention in the software as well as my
versions of pivot tables, SPC, and market basket analysis.  I have made
available a free trial version of both MXL Plus and BEST Viewpoints 7 at

Hope this helps.


Ariel Sep=FAlveda

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From: Tuhina Singh [mailto:tuhina.singh at]
Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 4:05 AM
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Subject: [mg102517] [mg102497] Dynamically create array and display data graphically

Please bear with me if you find this a simplistic problem. Just learning to
find my way around mathematica.

b = Import["C:\Practice\example1.xls",{"Data",1}]  (* Import file - several
columns of data with first row having headers *)


In this code, I am able to specify the column I want displayed using the
outer manipulate fn, and the inner manipulate function changes the number of
rows of data displayed.

Now I want to change this function so that the outer manipulate fn specifies
the "number of columns" to be displayed. So that if a = 3, I see three
series in the graph with "p" rows of data shown in the graph.

I tried the following with no success:

Manipulate[{Do[col[[x]]= DateListPLot[{Take[b,{2,35}][[All,x]]},
Do[Show[col[[x]], DisplayFunction->$DisplayFunction],{x,2,a,1}]},

Was basically trying to loop  "a" times to dynamically create an array of
dimension [a, 35] and then display them all together using Show function.
But value of "a" doesn't get passed on and I believe use of the Do loop is
also wrong here.

Thanks for ur help.

Tuhina Singh
Siddhesh Capital Market Services Pvt Ltd.
122, Maker Chambers III, 12th Floor
Nariman POint
Mumbai - 400 021

Tel (D): 91-22-4057 0322
       (B): 91-22-4057 0300
       Fax: 91-22-2285 2912

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