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FW: Split Screen

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  • Subject: [mg96045] FW: Split Screen
  • From: "Jeff Albert" <albertj001 at>
  • Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 06:31:24 -0500 (EST)

To all:

Never mind.  Got it.  Just a bit tedious, but one must patch sections of
graph together and it works.  Sorry.

Jeff Albert
>  -----Original Message-----
> From: 	Jeff Albert [mailto:albertj001 at] 
> Sent:	Mon, February 02, 2009 2:48 PM
> To:	mathgroup at
> Subject:	Split Screen
> Help Appreciated.
> The code below is my attempt to "draw" the following:
> Split screen experiment showing the areas accessible to particles coming
> in from the left of vertical axis and leaving to the right through two
> slits, one at y= 4, the other at y= -4
> The upper set of crossed lines represents the area accessible to particles
> coming in from the slit at y=4.  The lower set represents the area
> accessible to particles coming in from the slit at y= -4.
> I want to shade the area where the upper and lower accessible areas (on
> both sides of the vertical)  do not  intersect.
> As you can see what I have done so far is exactly the opposite, shading
> the area where they do intersect.
> In addition I would like to eliminate all graph numbers, as well as the x
> axis, and to have the lower set of crossed lines dashed instead of solid.
> Can someone help?
> <<Graphics`FilledPlot`
> f1[x_]= a+.4*(b*x)
> f2[x_]=a-.4*(b*x)
> f3[x_]= a1+.4*(b*x)
> f4[x_]=a1-.4*(b*x)
> a=4
> a1=-4
> b=1
> RG=FilledPlot[{f1[x],f2[x],f3[x],f4[x]},{x,0,20},Fills
> ->{{{2,3},GrayLevel[.8]}}]
> LG=FilledPlot[{f1[x],f2[x],f3[x],f4[x]},{x,-20,0},Fills
> ->{{{1,4},GrayLevel[.8]}}]
> Show[RG,LG]
> Jeff Albert

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