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Re: Log[x]//TraditionalForm

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  • Subject: [mg96062] Re: [mg96049] Log[x]//TraditionalForm
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  • Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 05:18:02 -0500 (EST)
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No, in mathematics log x or log(x) is a perfectly acceptable, perhaps 
the predominant, notation for the base-e, natural logarithm.

In calculus books, ln x or ln(x) is typically used for that --  so as 
not to confuse students who were taught that log means the base-10 

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slawek wrote:
> The natural logarithm function in "traditional form" in Mathematica (version 
>   Log[x]//TraditionalForm
>   log(x)
> This is "not a bug but a feature", but in mathematics the natural logarithm 
> is just ln(x) or even ln x.
> The true traditional notation use log for decimal logarithm, ln for natural 
> logarithm, lb for binary logarithm, and
> log_{b}x  for logarithm with base b. Unfortunatelly in most computer 
> programs (see FORTRAN) LOG
> stands for natural logarithm (an exception is Pascal).
> Nevertheless, how to force to use ln(x) instead log(x) ?
> The brute way is use /.Log->ln//TraditionalForm.
> Is any more elegant way to do this?
> slawek

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