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Re: Logarithmic Plot

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  • Subject: [mg96437] Re: Logarithmic Plot
  • From: "Sjoerd C. de Vries" <sjoerd.c.devries at>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 03:46:31 -0500 (EST)
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Hi Alexei,

I agree with you that a good number of questions posted here are of a
trivial nature. Usually, in my response, I will mention the ease with
which these questions could have been answered using a simple search
in the documentation. The question is whether the posters are really
lazy, as it often takes more time to fire up a newsreader or browser
and type the question than it is to use Mathematica's online help.

What I find very annoying is that those questions often end up with
ten or more almost identical responses, due to the moderation delay of
the newsgroup. I just wonder whether it wouldn't be better to have an
unmoderated group. However, I must admit that sometimes the subtle
differences between the answers may be very instructive.

We might need a FAQ, and refer all type 1 questions to it.

As to the class 2 questions: I guess there wil always be free riders,
people that like to leave the thinking to others. Sometimes it is seen
easily, as it was the case for this one:

hello everybody, I have an problem to solve in mathematica!
I have function f(x)=x^k, k=1,2,3,4,5 ,intervals are [-pi,pi]

a) do approximation of function by fourier polynomial N grade
b) do definition for approximation error E=B7n as function of parameters
N and k
c)do manipulate interface which will showing E=B7n in dependence of
grade N and exponent k

please help me, thanks...

All respondees noted this was an assignment of sorts. The guy got a
spanking. Very funny.

However, sometimes people are genuinely lost. It's hard to spot the
difference and I feel that we shouldn't let the good suffer for the
bad. Besides, solving someones problem often makes you learn something
as well.

Cheers -- Sjoerd

On Feb 12, 1:42 pm, Alexei Boulbitch <Alexei.Boulbi... at> wrote:
> Yes, Ben,
> there are several simple approaches. If you type the word "logarithmic" i=
n the slot of the Help window you will find
> some. So, you simply have not spent enough time with the doc center.
> The following note I address to the MathGroup community. May be it needs =
to be discussed.
>  I often find questions in the Forum which show that the one who posted=
 the question did not make his "homework".
> That is, he did not look into the Help before asking, did not look into a
> proper textbook in Mathematics (rather than Mathematica), Physics, Biolog=
y (or whatever else depending upon the problem
> to be solved), or into a reference book, into a manual etc.
> This situation I would classify as the class 1. I understand of coarse, t=
hat answering any questions on Mathematica is a kind
> of sport and makes a lot of fun for most of us.
> However, I find that answering such questions objectively makes harm to t=
hose people who posted them in such a way. I find
> that in this case it is much better to point out a book where one finds t=
he answer, textbook, manual or finally, a key-word
> that would help or any other way to go, rather than a solution itself.
> There are however, the class 2 situations. These are much heavier, and I =
believe they are also met sometimes in this Forum.
> Sometimes I have an impression that some people post here questions in wh=
ich they formulate their own work in a hope that
> somebody will think instead of them, and instead of them fulfill the whol=
e work or its part. It may be a student's task, or
> a part of the Diploma or PhD work, even the one done against payment. I b=
elieve one can distinguish such questions from
> "correct" ones. I have the impression that the Gurus of Mathematica use t=
o answer these as well. I personally find that
> such questions should not be answered at all.
> I invite all of you to form and may be, to formulate here your own opinio=
n on this problem.
> Hi, I could use some help.  Basically I have imported a set of data poi=
nts (concentration of compound vs. time)
> and plotted it in Mathematica.  Part of my assignment now is to post th=
e Log[concentration] vs. time.  Is there an
> easy command to do this in Mathematica?  I've played around and looked =
in the doc center but the only way I can figure
> to do it is manually calculate the values and then plot them.  There mu=
st be a better way.
> --
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> Luxembourg
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r your co-operation.

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