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Re: Using VerticalSlider controls for Manipulate


Except for very simple things, I hardly use manipulate at all. In trying to
do everything, Manipulate becomes very baroque and still doesn't do

In response to another question I presented a method for writing custom
dynamic presentations that is rather easy and very general. 

Specifically, you can layout the information and controls in any manner you
want using Rows and Columns, Panes or Panels, Grids or TabViews or any other
constructs. The problem of handling the calculation of dependent dynamic
variables is also quite easy.

It is easy to make custom dynamics and I think once people try it they would
use Manipulate much less often. It is just easier to understand what is

David Park
djmpark at  

From: brtubb at [mailto:brtubb at] 

In reference to the Manipulate function, does anyone know how to use
row arranged variables with it, particular the VerticalSlider control
if possible. As it it the only placement alignment is either top,
bottom left or right but only in column formats, I want to use rows.
I'm using Mathematica v6.0.2.

Benjamin Tubb

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