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NMinimize causes kernel crash in 7.0

I am doing the following:

 If[NumericTensorQ[{A, B, S1, S2}], energy[A, B, {S1, S2}],
  Hold[energy[A, B, {S1, S2}]]], Flatten[Join[A, B, S1, S2]],
 Method -> "NelderMead"]


NumericTensorQ[a_List] := And @@ Map[NumericQ, Flatten[a]]

A, B, S1 and S2 have 80 parameters and the energy function does not
consume a lot of memory. It is a relatively complicated numerical
function but should in principle be quadratic in the parameters. The
system monitor shows the memory consumption more or less constant
during the evaluation. After about 150 evaluations the kernel crashes.
I am using Mathematica version 7.0


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