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Re: pfa2pfb

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  • Subject: [mg96665] Re: pfa2pfb
  • From: David <David.B.A.Epstein at>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 03:35:56 -0500 (EST)
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On 17 Feb, 11:25, Jens-Peer Kuska <ku... at>
> Hi,
> that is nonsense, dvips work with binary *.pfb and ASCII
> PostScript fonts. Just find the font map file for dvips
> that comes with you Mathematica and add the texmf root
> that is part of the Mathematica distribution to the
> texmf roots that your TeX system searches.
> If you have MikTeX or teTeX fin the fontname/
> in the TeX installation root  and delete it.
> This file is a false font map file, I have reported it several
> times to the developers but they had other things to do than
> to replace the file with the correct one that comes with
> Mathematica.
> Regards
>    Jens

Thanks. I have a version of teTex that comes from MacPorts and works
well. It doesn't have the offending in it, so perhaps the
teTex maintainers have at last responded to your complaints.

You say "Just find the font map file for dvips that comes with your
Mathematica". I know exactly where this is, but what am I supposed to
do with the information?

Please excuse me if I have misunderstood what you have told me. Surely
it wouldn't work to just add Mathematica's to my teTeX
files at the appropriate place, because the various programs will
still not know where the fonts are to be found.

You say (or at least I think this is what you are saying) that I
should add the texmf tree provided by Mathematica to my own texmf
tree. I'm a bit reluctant to do so, as later downloads of teTex from
MacPorts will overwrite (and delete) any such addition. The good
alternatives seem to me to be:
1. Change some configuration file in the teTex distribution to enable
searching in Mathematica's texmf. Which configuration file, and what
is the minimal change needed? I would then keep a copy of the changed
configuration file in my home directory, and a diff with the original,
so that I can easily maintain any changes I make when packages are
2. Make a symbolic link /opt/local/share/texmf/MmaTexmf ->
Mathematica's texmf. Will this work?
3. Maybe tex and its cousins already search my $HOME/texmf. In this
case I can just copy Mathematica's texmf to the texmf I already have
in my home directory. I have a vague memory of editing some
configuration file so that this would be done, but I've forgotten
which one. Any suggestions?

Should I then update updmap.cfg and run updmap? If I have to update
updmap.cfg, precisely what changes are needed? And what about texhash?
Should that be run with any arguments or flags?

And then I would want to check that I have done things correctly by
using kpsewhich. However, in teTex, and presumably in other modern
packages of TeX and its cousins, environmental variables seem to be
defined only once one invokes tex or latex or whatever. The result is
that kpsewhich givees a null response to almost any command. What
arguments or flags are required to make kpsewhich give the right

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I have been struggling for some
time ineffectually to find out what to do.

Thanks again,

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