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Re: pfa2pfb

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  • Subject: [mg96684] Re: pfa2pfb
  • From: Peter Breitfeld <phbrf at>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 05:48:23 -0500 (EST)
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David wrote:

> On 17 Feb, 11:25, Jens-Peer Kuska <ku... at>
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> that is nonsense, dvips work with binary *.pfb and ASCII
>> PostScript fonts. Just find the font map file for dvips
>> that comes with you Mathematica and add the texmf root
>> that is part of the Mathematica distribution to the
>> texmf roots that your TeX system searches.
>> If you have MikTeX or teTeX fin the fontname/
>> in the TeX installation root  and delete it.
>> This file is a false font map file, I have reported it several
>> times to the developers but they had other things to do than
>> to replace the file with the correct one that comes with
>> Mathematica.
>> Regards
>>    Jens
> Thanks. I have a version of teTex that comes from MacPorts and works
> well. It doesn't have the offending in it, so perhaps the
> teTex maintainers have at last responded to your complaints.
> You say "Just find the font map file for dvips that comes with your
> Mathematica". I know exactly where this is, but what am I supposed to
> do with the information?
> Please excuse me if I have misunderstood what you have told me. Surely
> it wouldn't work to just add Mathematica's to my teTeX
> files at the appropriate place, because the various programs will
> still not know where the fonts are to be found.
> You say (or at least I think this is what you are saying) that I
> should add the texmf tree provided by Mathematica to my own texmf
> tree. I'm a bit reluctant to do so, as later downloads of teTex from
> MacPorts will overwrite (and delete) any such addition. The good
> alternatives seem to me to be:
> 1. Change some configuration file in the teTex distribution to enable
> searching in Mathematica's texmf. Which configuration file, and what
> is the minimal change needed? I would then keep a copy of the changed
> configuration file in my home directory, and a diff with the original,
> so that I can easily maintain any changes I make when packages are
> updated.
> 2. Make a symbolic link /opt/local/share/texmf/MmaTexmf ->
> Mathematica's texmf. Will this work?
> 3. Maybe tex and its cousins already search my $HOME/texmf. In this
> case I can just copy Mathematica's texmf to the texmf I already have
> in my home directory. I have a vague memory of editing some
> configuration file so that this would be done, but I've forgotten
> which one. Any suggestions?
> Should I then update updmap.cfg and run updmap? If I have to update
> updmap.cfg, precisely what changes are needed? And what about texhash?
> Should that be run with any arguments or flags?
> And then I would want to check that I have done things correctly by
> using kpsewhich. However, in teTex, and presumably in other modern
> packages of TeX and its cousins, environmental variables seem to be
> defined only once one invokes tex or latex or whatever. The result is
> that kpsewhich givees a null response to almost any command. What
> arguments or flags are required to make kpsewhich give the right
> answers?
> Sorry to ask so many questions, but I have been struggling for some
> time ineffectually to find out what to do.
> Thanks again,
> David

I'm using tex and Mathematica on Mac too. All seems to work since I did
the following steps:

In $HOMETEXMF, which is $HOME/Library/texmf, go to the subdirectories
fonts/afm, fonts/tfm, fonts/type1 and fonts/vf.
In each of these directories add a symlink pointing to the corresponding
directory (afm, tfm,...):<afm>/wolfram

Make another symlink in the directory
which points to

Now make sure, the is active in your updmap.
Use updmap --edit as admin for that. 

No need to run texhash on Mac for files in $HOMETEXMF, TeX will search
$HOMTEXMF first.

To make Ghostscript know about the Mathematica-Fonts I added the paths 


to the environment variable GS_FONTPATH in my .bashrc

Hope I could help
Peter Breitfeld, Bad Saulgau, Germany --

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