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Re: Re: listing user defined, independent variables

Hi Jens,

To your point a), what I mean is that, in the calculations that my notebook
carries out, some variables get defined by the user assigning a value (a
constant) directly to them. Others get defined in the code by assigning a
value to them that depends on a calculation involving other variables. As I
understand it, mathematica creates a store of all user defined symbols as a
list of replacement rules - so it "knows" which symbols are functions of
other symbols, and which are functions only of constants. What I was looking
for is a function that could work on each symbol's "replacement rules" in
such a way as to filter out those replacement rules which contain other

I have never heard of DownValue before, I shall explore your b) suggestion
with interest.

Thanks for you help. 


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a) what mean
    "Mathematica must 'know' which variables
     are functions of other symbols".
     Variables functions of other symbols ?? what should that be ??
b) Start a fresh kernel and type

blub[x_] := Module[{y, z}, x]


Names["Global`*"] gives

{"blub", "x", "x$", "y", "y$", "z", "z$"}

The "*$" symbols come from the Module[] and have th attribute Temporary
and the "blub" function has an DownValue[]. Since x,y,z appear in the 
down values of blub[] it is not possible to find out if there is also a
global symbol with a that has the name "x", "y" or "z".


Paul Ellsmore wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a notebook in which there are over 1300 variables (symbols)
> The vast majority of these are dependent variables. I can get a list of
> all with Names["Global`*"], but what I really want is a list of only the
> independent variables. Is there any obvious way to do this? Mathematica
> "know" which variables are functions of other symbols, so I was hoping
> there would be an "attribute" of a dependent variable that I could use as
> filter on Names[]. Any thoughts? I am using V5.1.
> Cheers,
> Paul
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