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The result of a Do expression is always the final value from the loop -- 
which makes a lot of sense.

What happened with Mathematica < 6.0 is that a ListPlot (and other 
Plot-type expressions) produced the graphics display as a side-effect, 
not as a result.  In 6.0+, the result of a ListPlot (etc.) IS the 
graphic.  So your Do loop returns as result -- and thus displays  -- 
only the final value returned, namely, ListPlot[AzScan[160],...].

So if you want to see each and every one of the plots, simply wrap the 
ListPlot expression with Print.

Luigi B wrote:
> Hallo,
>  I use to run my routines in Mathematica 5.2. Now I have installed the
> 7.0. And this simple routine of making several plot one after the
> other seems not to work anylonger.
> Do[
>  ListPlot[AzScan[i],
>   AxesLabel -> {"\[Beta][\[Degree]]", "I[a.u.]"},
>   BaseStyle -> {Large, FontFamily -> "Arial", Bold},
>   PlotStyle -> {Red, PointSize[0.01]},
>   PlotLabel -> "Azimuthal Scan"],
>  {i, 65, 160}]
> Does anyone have a clue what I am doing wrong?
> Thanks
> Luigi

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Mathematics & Statistics Dept.
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