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iterative method?

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  • Subject: [mg95699] iterative method?
  • From: matt <trex1704 at>
  • Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 06:51:27 -0500 (EST)

How to find x_(n+1)=(a*x_n+b*y_n)/c*x_n , y_(n+1)=d*x_n*y_n using mathematica?
I want to find a list of x and y when n=1,2,...,50
so I defined the function as f[{x_,y_}]:={a*x_n+b*y_n)/c*x_n,d*x_n*y_... }
and then use the function NestList[f,{2,5},50] with initial value of x is 2 and y is 5
with this, I got the list of 50 values of (x,y).
The problem is I want to plot graphs of x against n and y against n, n from 1 to 50 because I want to see what happened if n goes to infinity. But if use the method I just mentioned, I can only plot x against y.
So do anyone have a clever method??
Btw...a,b,c and d are constants and given and x_n is supposed to be x (subscript n)...same case with x_(n+1) and the others

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