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Forcing Mathematica to render by particular system font

I wish to have symbols like \[HappySmiley] in notebooks to be rendered
by particular system font, not by Mathematica's font. But Mathematica
automatically replaces such symbols and renders them by it's own font.
I tried to use PrivateFontOptions option to turn off this behavior but
I have
failed. I have tried the following:

In[1]:= Style["\:263a \:263b",
 PrivateFontOptions -> {"OperatorSubstitution" -> False,
 "WindowsUseTrueTypeNames" -> False},
 FontFamily -> "Lucida Sans Unicode", Large]

Out[1]= \[HappySmiley] \:263b

But "\[HappySmiley]" is still rendered by Mathematica's font.
How to force rendering such symbols by system font?

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