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Synchronous zooming of 3D graphics

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  • Subject: [mg95937] Synchronous zooming of 3D graphics
  • From: Fred <fred.heberle at>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 05:44:22 -0500 (EST)


I'm trying to link the real-time actions of two 3D graphics objects in
a graphics row (a stereo pair).  After a web search, I found a nice
way to link the rotation of the two 3D objects, but nothing about how
to link zoom (or translation for that matter).  I'm not even sure
which Graphics3D options are changing when a 3D object is zoomed in or
out.  While I can dynamically display the values of ViewPoint and
ViewVertical, I can't do the same for any of the other relevant
options (ViewMatrix, ViewCenter, ViewVector) that I suspect might be
changing during a zoom (AbsoluteOptions just shows "Automatic" for
these options, so I think there's a bug).

Here is the code I found for linking rotation (courtesy of

gr = Graphics3D[Cuboid[], SphericalRegion -> True, Boxed -> False]

(* Initialize vp and vv with the default values: *)

vp = ViewPoint /. Options[Graphics3D]
vv = ViewVertical /. Options[Graphics3D]

 {Show[gr, ViewPoint -> Dynamic[vp], ViewVertical -> Dynamic[vv]],
  Show[gr, ViewPoint -> Dynamic[vp], ViewVertical -> Dynamic[vv]]}

Does anyone know of some similar trick for linking zoom?  Thanks.

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