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Re: Add syntax highlighting to own command

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  • Subject: [mg101665] Re: Add syntax highlighting to own command
  • From: earthnut at (Bastian Erdnuess)
  • Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 05:32:44 -0400 (EDT)
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Simon <simonjtyler at> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> An interesting discussion!
> I've also on occasion wanted a similar construct, although the replace
> all inside the definition is, as Leonid says, clever, it just didn't
> sit well with me.

Yes, I also like Daniels and your second solution better.

> Ultimately using a Fold construct would be the nicest, but passing
> unevaluated arguments around isn't always so simple -- the following
> code works, but is definitely not pretty.
> ClearAll[Let]; SetAttributes[Let, HoldAll];
> Let[sp : {a__Set}, expr_] := Quiet[ReleaseHold@Fold[With[{#2}, #1] &,
> Hold@expr, Reverse[Hold /@ Unevaluated@sp]], With::"lvw"]

I understand that using the Fold construct should be the prefered way,
but this seems indeed to be a little bit to ugly for me.

> The simplest code I could come up with was the following:
> ClearAll[Let]; SetAttributes[Let, HoldAll];
> Let[{}, expr_] := expr
> Let[{a_, b___}, expr_] := With[{a}, Let[{b}, expr]]

I like this best.  It's also Daniels solution.  I think, I'm going to
use this code in MyToolBox.  Thank you.

> the nice thing about it is that all of the error handling is passed
> through to With properly (just like Bastian's original code).
> Thanks Peter for pointing out the SyntaxInformation command, that's a
> handy one to know.  Do you have any ideas how to get the syntax
> highlighting working properly as well?  (the constructions in the
> documentation centre weren't very enlightening for this case).


> Simon
> PS
> A quick google brought up this, very similar discussion
> <
> (it's scary how close my Fold construct is to the one that rych
> proposed...)

That's what I found because of

"Is there a way to get syntax highlighting for WithMany?  I found the
SyntaxInformation stuff, but it doesn't seem to expose the
highlighting that's used for With, Module, or Block."


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