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More fun and games

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  • Subject: [mg102139] More fun and games
  • From: AES <siegman at>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 05:34:16 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Stanford University

Interesting to try





with different choices of expr.  For example

   In[136]:= Do[ y=k, {k,1,3} ]

   In[137]:= %

   In[138]:= %%%

   Out[138]= Out[0]

   In[139]:= %%%%%

   Out[139]= Out[0]

I suppose "Out[0]" means "%%...%" ran off the top of the notebook, 
though I don't see this in the Help msg for the symbol Out.  

But then, more surprisingly,

   In[144]:= Do[ y=k; , {k,1,3} ]

   In[145]:= %

   Out[145]= 3

   In[146]:= %%%

   Out[146]= Out[0]

   In[147]:= %%%%%

   Out[147]= Out[0]

and then

In[148]:= y=1
Out[148]= 1
Out[149]= 2
Out[150]= 3
In[151]:= %
Out[151]= 3
In[152]:= %%%
Out[152]= 2
In[153]:= %%%%%
Out[153]= 1


In[1]:= y=4;
In[2]:= %
Out[2]= 6
In[3]:= %%%
Out[3]= Out[0]
In[4]:= %%%%%
Out[4]= Out[0]


In[1]:= y=7
Out[1]= 7
Out[2]= 8
In[4]:= %
Out[4]= 9
In[5]:= %%%
Out[5]= 8
In[6]:= %%%%%
Out[6]= 7

[I was Quitting and reStarting the kernel between each case here.]

Looks like that final  y=k(;)  in a compound expression returns a value 
whether the ; is there or not.

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