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Re: Graphics saving nightmare

Hi Sebastian,

in version 7.0.1 PDF and JPEG and BMP seem to do their job. I have not 

tried any other formats.


Sebastian Meznaric wrote:

> Try the following function:

> w[\[Alpha]_, \[Phi]_] :=

>  Exp[\[Alpha]^2 (I Sin[\[Phi]/2] Cos[\[Phi]/2] - Sin[\[Phi]/2]^2)]


> Produce a 3D plot as follows:

> Plot3D[Abs[w[\[Alpha], \[Phi]]], {\[Alpha], -5, 5}, {\[Phi], -2 \[Pi],

>    2 \[Pi]}, ColorFunction -> "BrownCyanTones",

>  AxesLabel -> {\[Alpha], \[Phi], Abs[Subscript[A, w]]},

>  Ticks -> {Range[-4, 4, 2], Range[-2 \[Pi], 2 \[Pi], \[Pi]], {0, 1}}]


> Exporting the image turns out to be much harder than one would think.

> Right click and Save Graphics As ... has the following effect:

> - EPS: Mesh polygons become visible, making the image useless

> - PDF: Same as above

> - PNG, JPG, etc: The image produced is gibberish of 1x52 pixels in

> size


> Thankfully, the Export function can handle the JPG, PNG etc cases

> successfully. However, the polygons in PDF are extremely annoying and

> the save graphics function should definitely be fixed.


> Note: The polygons can be successfully removed from contour images

> with the following package:

> This only works for contour plots, though...


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