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Re: What should be a simple task....

On Jun 10, 5:35 am, "Nelson-Patel, Kristin" <k... at> wrote:

> In previous versions of both, I was able to Copy As: Metafile by right
> clicking on the plot in Mathematica and Paste Special: Metafile in
> Power Point, and all would be well (Ok, I had to tweak line thickness
> settings and fonts in my plots to make them survive the transfer, but
> that was fine).   Now, I have select the whole cell rather than just
> the plot to get the Copy As: metafile option, and I have to go all the
> way to the menu bar to do it (no longer an option on the right click).

I don't have to select the whole cell in order to get the "Copy As...
Metafile" option in Mathematica 7. I do have to go all the way to the
menu bar to get the option, but it's available if I just click on the
plot to select it without selecting the whole cell.

These look fine upon pasting into PowerPoint 2003 as a "Picture
(Enhanced Metafile)", so the problem may be on the PowerPoint 2007 end
of things.

Sorry I can't be more helpful,

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