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Re: Help with HoldAll needed

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  • Subject: [mg100919] Re: Help with HoldAll needed
  • From: David Bailey <dave at>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 04:53:17 -0400 (EDT)
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Erich Neuwirth wrote:
> I define
> MyFun[x_]:=Unevaluated[x]
> SetAttributes[MyFun,HoldAllComplete]
> MyFun[2 = 3]
> still evaluated the argument and of course produces an error
> I would like to get the unevaluated expression to be able
> to separate the first argument.
> In fact, I would like MyFun to be a macro which allows me
> to play list processing games with the arguments.
> How can this be accomplished?
The best solution is to manipulate expressions wrapped in Hold or 
HoldForm (which does not show when the expression is printed). For 
example (using Hold)

In[13]:= lhs[expr_] := Extract[expr, {1, 1}, Hold];

In[15]:= expr = Hold[(3 + 2) = 2]

Out[15]= Hold[3 + 2 = 2]

In[16]:= lhs[expr]

Out[16]= Hold[3 + 2]

Notice that in my example the lhs is (3+2), and that this has not been 

David Bailey

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