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My first calculator =)

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  • Subject: [mg100999] My first calculator =)
  • From: Lobotomy <labbman at>
  • Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 20:48:52 -0400 (EDT)

Hello. I just started to learn mathematica a few days ago. Im trying
to make a calculator that can graphically represent the relationship


the mathematical formula im using you can see below.

this is what I've written sofar...


 **%% Here i would like to make a "ListLinePlot" using this function:

(#1*(1 + #2/#3)^(#3*#4) - 1)/(#2/#3) &[d, g, f, n]

then I would like to use the below controlls to manipulate the values
of d,g,f and n. How is this done?

I understand that there has to be some kind of list or table that
contains the accumulated sum at certain times. But I have no clue how
to make this list. The problem with my function is that it only
calculates the correct final answer. for example

"if i invest 1000=80 per month with 5% interest for 8 years, what is the
accumulated sum?"

 GridLines -> Automatic,

 {{f, 1, "Frequency"}, {1 -> "Annually", 1/4 -> "Quarterly",
   1/12 -> "Monthly"}},

 {{a, 5000, "Initial Investment"}, 0, 10000000, 1000,
  Appearance -> {"Open", "Labeled"}},

 {{d, 0, "Added Contributions/yr"}, -500000, 500000, 1000,
  Appearance -> {"Open", "Labeled"}},

 {{g, 0.05, "Growth(%/100)"}, 0, 1, 0.05,
  Appearance -> {"Open", "Labeled"}},

 {{n, 5, "Years"}, 1, 100, 1, Appearance -> {"Open", "Labeled"}},

 ControlPlacement -> Left]

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