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Re: Simple question about named variables.

Perhaps I'm missing your intention, but the following very simple
interaction appears to achieve your goal:

In[1]:= x = 5

Out[1]= 5

In[2]:= ClearI[y_] := Clear[x]

In[3]:= ClearI[x]

In[4]:= x

Out[4]= x

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Subject: [mg101245] [mg101187] Simple question about named variables.

Dear Mathematica users,

I would like to write a function which clears many variables called:


So I write the function:

ClearI[i_] := Clear@ToExpression@StringJoin["Test", ToString@i]

Test1 = 1;
Test2 = 2;

ClearI[1] does not work because the expression is evaluated. What
mathematica does is Clear@1. How could I ask Mathematica to do
Clear@Test1, Clear@Test2, ... automatically?

I am sure that the solution is simple... but I could not find it.

Thank you in advance


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