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Re: MakeBoxes on v7.0

Try this:

MakeBoxes[h[i_], form : StandardForm | TraditionalForm] :=
 InterpretationBox[#1, #2] & @@ {SubscriptBox["h",
    MakeBoxes[i, form]], h[i]}

David Park
djmpark at 

From: Mariano Su=E1rez-Alvarez [mailto:mariano.suarezalvarez at]

Hi all,

after executing this on v7.0

h /: MakeBoxes[h[i_], StandardForm] := SubscriptBox[h, MakeBoxes[i,

evaluating h[4] results not in an h with a subscript, but in Global`h
the expected subscript. Is that intentional? This code is very
close to an example in the documentation for MakeBoxes...

-- m

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