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Re: typsetting bug still present in Mathematica 7.01

On Mar 7, 9:41 am, Jens-Peer Kuska <ku... at>
> Hi,
> and you are sure that this is a bug ? \[DifferentialD] is an
> operator for the total differential and has a build-in meaning
> while \[CapitalDifferentialD] has no build in meaning and AFIK
> the only use of this character is in a Feynman path integral
> to denote "differential like" integration variable over the path.
> Since Mathematica can't do path integrals (jet) it is an ordianry
> letter like \[Alpha], ... and can combined with other unicode
> letters.

Actually it's not just a simple letter, it's an operator without any
built-in meaning.  Note that the FullForm of the output is

I'd personally expect \[DifferentialD] to behave the same as \
[CapitalDifferentialD] when formatted in StandardForm/TraditionalForm.

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