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Re: Request for help - Minimize

zhuoxin lee wrote:
> Please see the codes below (note the codes are used to show the problem, they may not executable). I use array CE to store the results of the function Minimize. Minimize may return error (becuase constraints[i] can not be satisfied). So I want to neglect the result in this case, I don't want the program stops in this case. How can I manage it?
> Array[CE,100]
> For[i =1,i<=100,i++,
>     CE[i] = Minimize [objfun[i],constraints[i]]
> ]

First, this is better written as

Table[Minimize[{objfun[i], constraints[i]}, variables], {i, 1, 100}]

but this does not filter out the cases that throw errors.

You can use check for this:

    Minimize[{objfun[i], constraints[i]}, variables],
  {i, 1, 100}]

If you're new to Mathematica, it is a good idea to try to avoid For[]. 
In most cases there are easier/faster alternatives.

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