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Re: Wolfram WorkBench and iDisk

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  • Subject: [mg97793] Re: Wolfram WorkBench and iDisk
  • From: David Bailey <dave at>
  • Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 05:45:22 -0500 (EST)
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robert prince-wright wrote:
> I have a MacBook and an i-Mac and have been struggling with version control. I've also been wondering how to keep my Mathematica work totally safe.
> My first attempt to control versions and keep files safe was to start using Apple's i-Disk. This ensured my mac-Book and i-Mac were always synchronized. All was going well, until i deleted a file from a local copy on the MacBook, only to find it was deleted on the i-Disk and i-Mac. That led me to read horror stories online by people who have lost all their i-Disk and local files! This lead me to think I should not Auto Sync the computers - have others had similar problems and do you have a better approach? 
> I spoke to someone at Apple Store and they suggested I use the iDisk to provide offsite storage and accessibility, and that I write an Automated Script to copy the i-Disk to my i-Mac. That way its backed up on my Time Capsule. Has anyone written this script already? If so I would appreciate a copy. 
> Now the main question is whether anyone has tried using Workbench with a 'WolframWorkbench\Base' folder located on an i-Disk? I am wondering whether this is sensible or not if so I can use the approach described above.
> What do you all think?
I don't use a Mac, but my general comment would be not to rely on 
complicated software schemes to keep your work (Mathematica or 
otherwise) safe.

I write a DVD of all my important files from time to time. In addition, 
I have a program that can take a copy of any file and save it in one 
directory with a .number suffix (so I can keep several versions) that is 
unique. The beauty of 'rolling your own' scheme like that, is that you 
absolutely know how it works.

If you need version control, use that too, but I would not rely on it 
for basic source security.

David Bailey

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