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Re: Detecting CD driver availability

Hi Ignacia,

if I understand correctly, you want to test the existence of a 

directory. This can be done using: "DirectoryQ".


Ignacio Plazeta wrote:

>    Dear Friends


> I want Mathematica check the DVD presence into the CD-ROM driver and 

> execute myFunction[] when it become available, so I try something like


>    SetDirectory[NotebookDirectory[]];

>    Off[SetDirectory::"cdir"];

>     Print["Start"];

>      While[SetDirectory["d:\\"] == $Failed, Pause[1]];

>     Print["Stop"];


> but it's an unsuccessful trick, because it makes the Retry, Abort, 

> Continue message box rise, invoking the user's act, just exactly what I 

> want to avoid. Any way out?


> Thanks you all for the gentle and skillful answers I always get.


> Best regards.

> Ignacio Plazeta


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