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Re: Clear["Global'*"] not working in parallel kernels

On May 1, 5:20 am, AnnaDe <ucap... at> wrote:
> I have created new kernels separate to the local kernel in
> order to be able to run several processes simultaneously
> on different processors. ... but I seem to have lost use
> of Clear["Global'*"]

Be sure to execute Clear["Global`*"] on all the sub-kernels.
For example:

In[1]:= ParallelEvaluate[x=2];
In[2]:= Clear["Global`*"];
In[3]:= ParallelEvaluate[x]
Out[3]= {2, 2}

This shows that calling Clear["Global`"] does not affect the
value of x in the sub-kernels.  Try this:

In[4]:= ParallelEvaluate[Clear["Global`*"]];
In[5]:= ParallelEvaluate[x]
Out[5]= {x, x}

Mark McClure

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