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dynamicmodule with f[x_] possible?

hello, i would like to make f[x_] dynamic and based on input.
i've tried changing "a = 0" for example to f[_x] = 0 and replacing all
other "a" with f[x], but no luck there. will someone please guide me
on this? thank you :)

DynamicModule[{a = 0, b = 0},
     Transpose[{{Style["a", Red], Style["b", Red],
        "sum", "diff", "product"}, {InputField[Dynamic[a]],
        InputField[Dynamic[a + b], Enabled -> False],
        InputField[Dynamic[a - b], Enabled -> False],
        InputField[Dynamic[ab], Enabled -> False]}}],
     Alignment -> Right], ImageMargins -> 10],
   DefaultOptions -> {InputField -> {ContinuousAction -> True,
       FieldSize -> {{5, 30}, {1, Infinity}}}}]]]

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