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Re: does not seem to work on some Latex commands?

On 10/30/09 at 2:18 AM, nma at (Nasser M. Abbasi) wrote:

>rant about version numbers follows:

>Interesting that $Version prints 7.0 on my system like it does on
>yours below, but the date is different, mine says nov 10 2008 and
>yours says "February 19, 2009".

It is entirely possible the dates reflect the release date for
=46ront End. It is reasonable to think these would be different
for different platforms

>I assume then you knew, somehow, from the date shown on your end
>that this is 7.0.1? It would have been nice if the version number
>would also have changed/updated to reflect this and not just the

I would assume Bob either simply remembered the last version he
installed or did SystemInformation[]
The second entry shown when clicking on the Kernel button at the
top is ReleaseID which is 7.01.

>I noticed for sometime that WRI have something about showing version
>numbers, it is almost impossible to find what version numbers some
>of their products are at for some reason.

>For example, I spent sometime the other day trying to find exactly
>what version number is the current Mathematica at, and I could not.

>I think it is 7.0.2, or 7.2.0,  but I am guessing as there is no
>place on WRI web site which says anything about this.

I do not know where to an authoritative statement regarding the
current release version of Mathematica can be found. But, I am
reasonably certain the latest released version for the Mac is
7.01 and definitely not 7.02 or 7.20. I base this on my
knowledge that I have a current Premier subscription and I have
not received anything indicating the availability of a more
recent version than 7.01

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