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Re: Set::setps error? Twitter.m's OOP-like approach?

Daniel Lichtblau wrote:
> Erik Max Francis wrote:
>> The context I mentioned above is a tensor library where you don't really 
>> want to see the components of the tensor unless you specifically ask for 
>> it -- a 4-dimensional Riemann tensor, after all, has 4^4 components -- 
>> but instead you just want to specify a set of coordinates, a metric 
>> using those coordinates, and then go to town creating and manipulating 
>> those tensors, then crank out specific calculations based on them.
>> Does that make more sense as being something reasonably Mathematica-ish, 
>> using that approach for type opaqueness?
> Yes. I see no reason not to do that in Mathematica. I won't say it is 
> common, but people do use Mathematica in the way you describe. Often it 
> is for similar reasons: hide the mess, expose the functionality (that 
> may not be an entirely accurate paraphrasing of what you describe, but I 
> think it is not too far from the mark).

Thanks again to everyone for their thoughts.

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