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Re: countour plot (in 3D)

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  • Subject: [mg105376] Re: countour plot (in 3D)
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  • Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 06:10:41 -0500 (EST)
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Claus wrote:

> Hi,

> I have a set of 720 measurements at locations (x,y,z), each associated 

> with a value (f).


> The y is constant for all locations. So I can generate a ListContourPlot 

> quite easily and nicely.


> Now I want to show the contour in 3D. This means essentially I want to 

> show a contoured plane in 3D. I want to do this in 3D because I want to 

> add other sets of measurements which are at different (x,y,z) locations 

> (other planes), subsequently.


> How can this be done?


> I tried ListContourPlot3D, however it tells me this (which I don't 

> understand):


> ListContourPlot3D::invpts: "\!\(\*

> StyleBox[\"\"\", \"MT\"]\)-- Message text not found --


> Can anybody tell what this message means (or what I am doing wrong)?


> What excatly can I adjust with the option Contours? The help says "how 

> many or what contour surfaces to show". Does that mean, for my first try 

> with the one set of 720 measurements I would put Contours->{1}?


> Thank you,

> Claus




Hi Claus,

if I understand correctly, you want to project a 2dim graphics onto a 

3dim plane.

here is a hack to do this:

we first create the contours:

d = Table[x^2 + y^2, {x, 10}, {y, 10}];

t = ListContourPlot[d];

t[[1]] contains the essential graphics. We the replace every 2dim 

coordinate by a three dim coordinate. E.g.:

t[[1]] /. {x_?NumberQ, y_?NumberQ} -> {x, y, 0}

Then we need to tell mathematica that this is a 3dim graohics by wraping 

3D around the object:

Graphics3D[t[[1]] /. {x_?NumberQ, y_?NumberQ} -> {x, y, 0} ]

All together for two different planes:

Show[Graphics3D[t[[1]] /. {x_?NumberQ, y_?NumberQ} -> {x, y, 0} ],

  Graphics3D[t[[1]] /. {x_?NumberQ, y_?NumberQ} -> {x, y, 10} ]]


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