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Re: Usage Messages Have Become a High Tech Kludge

usage messages and command completion in Mathematica are really poorly designed
and WRI should work really hard to make something like intelisence in visual
studio probably the reason they are not doing this, is a good help system,
which reduces need in usage messages

>1) For many of us the font size in usage messages is too small and, worse,
>non-adjustable. Most cells can be magnified by using Alt - +.  This does not
>work for displayed usage messages. I did try changing the FontSize for "MSG"
>in my style sheet but that didn't work either. Magnifying the entire
>notebook is an option but a local solution would be much better.

I tried this with ParkStyle
adding cell
changes fontsize of button grid displayed by ?? "*Goal"
adding cell
Cell[StyleData["MSG"], FontSize->18]
changes fontsize. but it affects all messages (usage, error) which
isn't good
I think it would be better if "MSG" style wasn't used at all and only
"PrintUsage" and "Message" were used.

by the way does anybody understand how Cell
[contents,"style1","style2"] works? I couldn't find anything in help.

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