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undocumented feature: TableView

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: [mg103817] undocumented feature: TableView
  • From: Guido Tripaldi <guido at>
  • Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 07:48:59 -0400 (EDT)


today I typed by accident "TableView" instead of "TableForm" writing a  
notebook, so I discovered a function apparently not documented in  
Mathematica 7 / Mac version. "TableView" displays a list in a  
spreadsheet-like format.  I tried to search the DocumentationCenter  
without finding any information, neither Google nor Wolfram search  
engine gave better results. The only documentation I found was using  
the "Information -  (??)" command. It show the options that TableView  

It appears to be very useful, as it introduces a more flexible way to  
observing the data. There are infact some data editing features  
accessible through a popup menu (a "+" icon on the top left of the  
view) and others ctrl-clicking the view (ctrl-click on Mac; right- 
click on Windows).

Perhaps it is a new feature being finalized that will be included in  
next version. Someone maybe knows something more about this function?

In[1]:=  mylist = Table[ Subscript[a, i, j], {i, 5}, {j, 3}  ]       
(*   a little matrix   *)

In[2]:=  mylist // TableView     (*   show it as a small spreadsheet    

In[3]:=  ?? TableView
    Attributes[TableView] = {Protected, ReadProtected}

    Options[TableView] := {Background -> None, BaseStyle -> {},
       DefaultBaseStyle -> "TableView", DefaultLabelStyle ->  
       FrameStyle -> GrayLevel[0.85], ContentSize -> Automatic,  
ItemSize -> 10,
       LabelStyle -> {}, RotateLabel -> False, Spacings -> Automatic,
       TableHeadings -> {Automatic, Automatic}}


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